About Us

Hey everyone!! My name is Kacee and I'm the founder and owner of Basic Blake Boutique! First and foremost, I want to say thank you for showing interest in Basic Blake. I truly appreciate you checking out our products!

I was born and raised in Fort Smith, Arkansas and moved up to Fayetteville after I graduated high school in 2008 to attend the University of Arkansas 🐽 Life happened and I ended up getting a small one bedroom apartment and working full time instead of going to school. School was something I always pictured myself persuing and I just knew that to have my dream corporate job one day, I would need a degree. 5 years later after putting myself through college, I graduated from the University of Arkansas Little Rock with my Bachelor's degree in Communication! 

Throughout my time in college, I had SO many jobs. I've done everything from car hopping at Sonic to being an assistant manager at an almost 500 unit apartment community. Out of all my endeavors, my 3 years at Sephora was by far my favorite. I started part time at a Sephora inside JCP and after a store change and 2 promotions, I became the Operations Lead at a freestanding store. Talk about dream job, this was it for me! What started as a fun job playing in makeup quickly turned into a passion for operations and all things supply chain. Our store was chosen to pilot a new direct shipping program and I was in charge of making sure it ran smoothly. Orders from around the country would come through, and I had to pick the items, package them, and then ship them out (see where I'm going with this?!). It was all the sudden my favorite thing to do at work! 🤣 To this day, I still LOVE makeup and talking about it to anyone who will listen! Sephora will always be so special to me and if your dream is to work there one day, GO FOR IT!! 

I got pregnant with my first baby in November of 2018 and had to make the hard decision to leave Sephora at the end of the year. I went into property management, which I had some previous experience in, but wasn't passionate about it and decided not to go back to work after my maternity leave. I had this newborn baby that I couldn't imagine leaving for 8+ hours a day, but I also knew that I was meant to be more than just a mom. 

When Blake was just a couple months old, we started getting into the groove of things and I realized that I enjoyed to dress her simply. While the excess ruffles, Disney characters, and mix matched patterns definitely do have their place, it just wasn't our every day style. I began my hunt for some basic pieces, but really couldn't find anything! All the packs at Carter's had sayings blasted across the chest or bright neon colors. Where were the muted, solid pieces that could be worn different ways with different pieces? Honestly I was shocked! It was then that the idea to have a little shop crossed my mind, but it was only a fleeting thought that felt impossible to ever achieve. 

 The idea continued to cross my mind every so often but I would always talk myself out of it for one reason or another. I can clearly remember finally making up my mind one day to just do it! I jumped in with both feet and I've had the absolute best time so far! 

I pride myself on my shop. If you ever see anything that doesn't look right, please reach out to me! I'll also always do my best to accommodate you in any way I possibly can. Having this boutique is such a dream come true for me! I appreciate each one of you who stop by to check it out! 

It's just the beginning and I know there's so much goodness ahead. I can't wait to see what the future holds for Basic Blake!