Q: Do you keep everything on hand?

A: I keep 99% of everything I sell on hand! I will do the occasional seasonal pre-order, but I really don't like to run pre-orders. 

Q: What's your turn around time? 

A: My TAT is two business days Monday- Friday. Since I keep everything on hand, I can ship it quickly!

Q: Where are you located?

A: I'm located in Northwest Arkansas!

Q: Do you hand-make your items?

A: No. I buy all of my items wholesale from multiple suppliers. 

Q: How do you set your prices?

A: I set my prices as fair and reasonable as I can. I always take into consideration what I would personally pay for the item. I never want to have my prices so high that it turns people away from purchasing something they really want!

Q: What about bigger sizes?

A: As our business grows, I'm able to expand and offer a wider range of sizes. When we first opened in 2020, I only offered up to 24m! We recently just expanded into 4T and who knows, maybe 5/6Y will be next!

Have more questions? Feel free to use our chat function or email us at info@basicblakeboutique.com!